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It is okay to ask, “Why should we follow God?” We blame natural disasters and the weather on Him. We flippantly use His name in an occasional OMG. We question His goodness or existence when bad things happen. But can we know Him? Can we be sure of His goodness?

My Journey

Years ago I was studying the Bible to discover the things I could do to bless God. I wanted know how I could bring Him delight. When I began the process of writing a book on what I was learning, my sweet husband gently suggested that the first book I write should be about why He is worthy of our love in the first place. Eric’s comment that day started me on a journey of searching to know the heart of Christ and a longing to share it with others.

Overview of the book

When I was dating my husband, I carefully observed him to see what his character was like. I purposely held my heart in check until I felt like I could trust him enough to share my life with him. When I saw how great he was with kids, I took it as an assurance that he’d be a good father. When I saw how hard he worked, I knew he would provide for his family. I tucked each observation away in my heart, gradually building my trust in him.

When I read about Jesus in the Bible, I do the same thing—I observe His actions, His emotions and His interactions with people which help me paint a portrait of His character. I tuck the images away in my heart, leaning on them when life gets tough.

In this book I use the images and observations I’ve made about Jesus to retell scenes from the Bible. My goal is to bring Jesus’ interactions with people to life so that we can glimpse the character and heart of Christ.

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About the author
Carrie L. Jones

Carrie L. Jones is a mom raising four boys.  You may run into her at the grocery store, at school pick up, or watching her kids in children’s theater productions, band concerts or soccer games.  She’s been married to her husband, Eric, for eighteen years. She is passionate about the Word of God and loves to find memorable treasures within it that help empower and equip women.


In this book I share some of the stories both from the Bible and from the lives of women today, where I find Jesus powerfully irresistable. I would love to hear your stories as well.  Fill out the contact form below and in the message, let me know when you encountered the compelling heart of Christ in your life.

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